Alright ladies, let’s see your catwalk….. by jojobigms
September 15, 2008, 11:48 pm
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Well, well congratulations to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who married a former mode Carla Bruni. According to the China Daily, there is no feeling of uneasy for the ruler of France but was rather open about the  relationship being “serious” and gave away early hints for a wedding which there was no date declared.

It’s interesting to see how the enchanting model will represent the nation with that stunning look of hers. But, at least she’s not as frightening as some of the other accepted women of politics such as our good old friend Sarah Palin. well at least the American Government can be assured Sarah is a bonafied U.S citizen just last year…….when her application for her first ever U.S passport was accepted.  [ Huliq News]

However, sorry for the disappointment ladies, the model politician female of the year and possible future goes to the trophy wife at the ALL AMERICAN county fair. The image of her represents America as a more family centered sector with CHANGE that is absent from the U.S but also much needed.


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