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September 18, 2008, 10:59 pm
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The American sitcom has had a good run.  It has dominated the screens of countless televisions the world over, created catch phrases that define our generation and brought people together over office watercoolers.   Its time is over.

Just like their economy, the American sitcom idea machine is grinding to a halt.  The answer to both problems is to bring in new supports from overseas, and (at least in the case of television) Britain has graciously answered the call.

With geniuses like Ricky Gervais at the helm, new British sitcoms such as The Office, and Extras are paving the way for others to make the jump across the pond.

Simon Pegg, the man behind box office hits such as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, was in a great sitcom called Spaced a few years ago, which has been given a chance at a new audience thanks to its recent release on DVD.

Another rising star, Steve Coogan, has made appearances in both film and television in the United States, appearing in the movies Tropic Thunder (before he quickly losses his head), and Hamlet II, as well as a guest appearance on one of the few remaining American sitcom goldmines, Curb Your Enthusiasm.  What many do not know is that Steve currently stars in a Britcom called Saxondale, which is slated to have an American version out by next year.  To anyone who reads this, WATCH THIS SHOW WHILE YOU CAN, and while new episodes are still being made, it is too funny.

It is a shame that by the time these great shows make it to North American audiences, they have usually finished their seemingly static two year run and are no longer being produced, and audiences are left with finite episodes of a great new show.  Their saving grace, ironic though it seems, usually comes in the form of American remakes, which, in the case of The Office (US), the magic has transferred over and it has a strangle hold on late night TV.  With the BBc being offered on most cable or satellite subscriptions, it is time to make the effort to catch these shows, you will not be disappointed.

(PS Monty Python is God)


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Good analysis. The American hotbed for sitcoms and tv sketch comedy seems to be a dying commodity these days, making room for such up and coming “Britcoms”, as you put them. The influx of British humor on the American psyche is nothing new, one need look no further than the boys in Monty Python, among others. It’s no surprise that the American writing machine should run out of ideas and poach brainwaves from other parts of the world. Brain drain seems to finally be hitting them where it hurts – in the funny bone.

In the end, it’s all about KEAAANU REEEEVES.

Comment by Ted E. Rucksbyn

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