Willkommen nach Berlin Brangelina Bunch! by polkadots33

Welcome to Berlin Brangelina Bunch! 


 The only one missing is Alice


The Jolie- Pitts arrived in Berlin, Germany yesterday to begin another leg of what seems to be a European tour. This location is wher Brad will be filming his next film Inglorious Bastards,  a Quentin Tarentino war-epic.


Good thing he’s still working, they’re going to need the cash! Their ever-growing brood has moved into a 30, 000 square foot  lakeside villa, which of course comes complete with all the perks necessary to live like a Jolie-Pitt!


Set on the shores of Wannssee Lake in Germany the Palais Parkschloss villa may not look too extravagant from the photo below but here is a short rundown of what one will find at their humbe abode:

  • Boat Dock
  • A few personal chefs
  • Two nannies
  • Fourteen security staff
  • Top of the line security system

and of course…

  • Helicopter landing pad!

New home of the Jolie-Pitts


This same villa was rumoured to have been purchased by none other than Tom Cruise in 2007 (though this was never confirmed) and rented by Steven Segal in 2001, reports E!. It is not known whether the Jolie-Pitts signed a lease or purchased the villa.

Despite the constant moving and hopskotching across Europe I am certain that this large family will be quite comfortable in their new home whether it is temporary or not! Their previous home was an estate in France where they lived for the last few months of Angelina’s pregnency with the twins. Once Brad is done filming it will be intersting to see where this globetrotting family will end up… I’m sure they will depart for a new country and yet another palacial home with maximum security.

My only question is, does little ‘Mohawk Maddox’ not have to go to school? Maybe wonder-mom Angelina home-schools too?

 And one more makes …7

Hopefully there’s an extra bedroom because according to Fox News the Brad and Angelina are already planning another addition to their ever expanding family unit. Apparently the plan is to adopt another child from Namibia where their first biological child Shiloh was born in may of 2006.


However if they choose to have another biological child, Angelina may want to talk to Nicole Kidman who says she swam in what she calls fertility waters while filming in the Australian outback. According to E!Kidman claims that her and 6 other women all became pregnant after swimming in the waterfalls.


But…they may want to consider this creative adoption request?







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