Remember That Time You Dropped Your Keys And I Thought The Phone Was Ringing? by tweegnlb
September 25, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Comedy is the greatest form of entertainment, it allows us to confront those things that just aren’t talked about, and literally laugh in their face.

There have been those among us who have been gifted with the ability to see things from another angle.  This is the essence of comedy; taking the things people are familiar with and putting a spin on them.  Taking the regular and making it irregular.

These two men were among the masters, and guess what? They had something in common.  They used drugs.  Its pretty hard to argue that drugs don’t make you funny when you stop and take a look at the careers of these men.

They pushed the boundaries of what we thought about, and they made the taboo hilarious.  Sure some, like john Belushi, burned out bright and fast, and they will be missed, but we also have their messed up perspectives to remember them by.

I for one would not enjoy life very much if all we had to listen to were the inane rantings of people like Dane Cook ( who by the way does become funnier if you’re the one on drugs).

So let’s all take a moment and thank the Gods for creating all the drugs that made us laugh, cry and forget what we came into the room for.


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“I think drugs have done good things for rock and roll. If you don’t think drugs have done good things for rock and roll, then I want you to go home take all of your records, all your tapes and all your CD’s and burn them. Because the artist that made all that great music that has so enhanced our lives? Reeeeeeeeeeeal f***ing high on drugs.” – Bill Hicks

Comment by Ted E. Rucksbyn

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