Six Degrees of Celebrity Gossip by noyoufalled

Everything in Hollywood is connected, one way or another.

Late last week shocking reports surfaced that a private plane carrying Travis Barker (former Blink-182 drummer) and DJ A.M. had crashed. The plane reportedly blew a tire upon take off and ran into an embankment, setting on fire. Barker and A.M. luckily escaped the wreckage, which killed the pilot, co-pilot, and Barker’s personal assistant and security guard. Both musicians suffered extensive burns, but are expected to make a full recovery.

A few days after the crash, DJ Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan called into the radio show Loveline to discuss DJ A.M., a close friend of Ronson’s. Near the end of the interview Loveline host DJ Ted Stryker asked Lohan how long she and Ronson had been together. Ending media speculation over their relationship, Lohan responded “A long…a very long time.” This confirmation makes Ronson and Lohan (a former Disney movie star) one of the youngest high profile lesbian couples Hollywood has ever seen.

Scandal circled around Lohan’s fellow Disney movie star Miley Cyrus as reports surfaced that Cyrus was dedicated to ending her run on the popular Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. Cyrus later denied the reports, stating her commitment to the show that launched her career.

Yet another Disney star, actor Shia Labeouf was cleared of charges stemming from the July car accident that injured the 22 year old star. Labeouf, who was hit after another driver ran a red light, had been charged with a misdemeanor DUI. This was not the first alchohol-related incident for Labeouf, who had previously been arrested following a drunken outing at Walgreens. Perhaps Labeouf should take a cue from other celebrities who have sought treatment for their addiction!

Keith Urban has been back in the news, but for other reasons! Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman, recently stated that it was a swim in magic fertility waters in the Australian Outback that lead to her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Sunday Rose. There’s definitely something in the water…

…and has Eva Longoria been sipping it? Amidst celebrity baby births and pregnancy announcements popping up all over, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is denying rumors that she is pregnant. Longoria maintains that she is “..just fat”, sparking debate over her possible baby bump.


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