Botox Anyone?? New and Improved Uses for Botox! by hyphenator
September 30, 2008, 9:17 pm
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It was revealed in a “Tenative Statement of Decision” for Sharon Stone’s custody case that she has totally lost her marbles!  Oh, and custody of her son, Roan too.  E! is reporting that Sharon Stone’s instincts are so basic that she has lost joint custody of her son, Roan, to ex-husband Phil Bronstein, and can now only visit him twice a month, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The judge handling this custody case said that Sharon overreacted to Roan’s complaints and alleged that Roan had a spinal condition although there was no evidence to support this.  Even crazier, it is alleged that Sharon actually suggested for Roan to have Botox injections in his feet to resolve a supposed problem with foot odour!  The simple, common sense approach that ex-husband, Bronstein suggested, was to make sure Roan wore socks with his shoes to stop the odour, was obviously too much for Sharon to grasp. 

Apparently Sharon’s on to a new fad to curb foot odour.  Recently, Botox is believed to help rid people of their smelly feet by paralyzing the muscle that regulates the sweat gland.  Maybe Sharon was just trying to arrange some quality mother-son bonding time getting Botox injections?!  Her face – his feet?

This isn’t the first time Sharon has found herself in hot water.  After the horrible earthquake in China earlier this year, Stone made comments referring to the tragic event as “karma”.  A New York lawyer rallied 1000 survivors and victims’ families of the quake to launch a suit against Sharon for emotional distress caused by her comments.  Their demands: a better apology or they will sue for $1 billion dollars.


[Via E!, US Magazine, In Touch Weekly]

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