The Year Is 200(80’s) by tweegnlb
October 2, 2008, 5:10 pm
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The 80’s are back!

Be it at the box office or in video games, popular culture has chosen its hero’s, and they’re the same ones we had growing up.  From adventures that inspired our imaginations to the re-licensing of nostalgic theme song music, the past has come calling and its brought some new friends.

The down side?: movie and TV remakes!  Be they continuations of old plot lines or complete diversions, popular films and shows have returned with a vengeance.

Two of which have come from George Lucas, in the form of his largest money maker franchises: Star wars and Indiana Jones.  As cool as it is to see these classic names back on the big screen, their aim has missed the mark as far as the entertainment goes.  The stories are week compared to the originals and they leave us wondering why producers even bothered.  If the intention was to capture lost glory, they should have just rented the first movies on VHS.

The up side?: video game versions!  Who can say they don’t have fun playing as a Lego man with a light saber, or playing the part of the bad guy with full intentions of destroying the good guys we loved?

Enough about Lucas.  There have been Some bright stars in the last few years.  For one Sly Stallone has successfully raised John Rambo from the DVD shelf, and has become a real life hero in South East Asia, by showing the harsh realities of war torn life.

Ed Norton has pumped raw new energy into the Incredible Hulk franchise by sticking closely to the popular 80’s TV show, which is a welcome relief from the Ang Lee disaster: Hulk Back Mountain, released a couple of years back.

The new Batman movies have taken us back to the darker side of the Dark Knight that we first fell for in the Tim Burton interpretations, and the public has eaten it up!

This just goes to show that producers should not monkey around with proven stories and characters.  They should stop trying to sell classic characters how they think they should be now, and just let them grow and develope naturally.

The best way to capture a new audience is to let a great character do it on its own.

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