When in Doubt, Deny, Deny, Deny by noyoufalled

Lately it seems that celebrities (and their publicists) are spending a lot of time backpedaling. We all know how it goes – Celebrity X is seen kissing Celebrity Y (or better yet, Celebrity Y’s best friend), there are pictures to prove it, Hollywood is abuzz with the new couple, and suddenly everybody is denying it ever happened. No, Kirsten Dunst never dated Justin “Mac-Guy” Long, because they have never even met! All those pictures? Of them together? Fabricated on Justin’s iMac. Several big denials have been circulating around Hollywood over the past few days, here is the inside scoop on two favorites.

Among the latest to have their publicists release a statement denying their relationship are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. As we reported last week, Lohan confirmed she and Ronson had been together for quite some time, finally confirming what the rest of the world has been saying for years. Flash forward a few days and Lohan’s publicist is telling TVGuide that Lohan did not “confess” anything. So when DJ Ted Stryker blatently asked Lohan how long she had been seeing Ronson, and Lohan responded “A long…a very long time”? That was just her way of playing along with Stryker’s obvious come-on. Yup, I’m convinced. Lohan and Ronson are definitely not dating. They just co-ordiate their outfits, kiss in public, and go on vacation alone because they’re best friends. Makes perfect sense.

Sharon Stone is also quick to deny reports that she wanted Botox injections for 8-year-old son Roan. Stone says that she was never seeking such treatments for her son, and the entire media-fueled debate was a complete fabrication. This one might be true. Did anybody actually think that the same woman who called the devastating earthquakes in China “karma” could be responsible for such horrible actions towards her son? Really people. Give Ms. Stone some credit.


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