Are They? Or Aren’t They? by hyphenator

America’s funny couple, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman may be back on!  The couple who reportedly broke up in July after dating for 5 years have found themselves in the spotlight a lot lately!  When the two were dating, how did they show their love to each other?  The couple created parodies about sleeping with half of Hollywood for each other!  Silverman’s song “I’m F–king Matt Damon” and Kimmel’s tune “I’m F–king Ben Affleck” have become huge hits on the internet.  Maybe there’s hope yet for the couple to reunite!

US Magazine reported last week that the two were spotted at a Thai Karaoke Bar in Hollywood holding hands and looking very comfortable.  One rep claims that they are just close friends despite the hand holding.  Silverman thanked Kimmel during her acceptance speech after winning a Creative Art Emmy on September 14 for her video to Kimmel, stating:

Thanks to the person for whom is whole video was made: Jimmy Kimmel, who broke my heart – who’ll always have a place in my heart.

Then, September 24, 2008, Silverman posted a hilarious video explaining that she wants Jews to get their butts down to Florida for the Great Schlep!

Then, yesterday, New York Times posted an article where Silverman explains her relationship to Kimmel:

There’s no weirdness with us.  We talk every day.  It’s fine, it’s great. I’m doing his show at the end of the month.  We’re very Demi and Bruce.

So their definitely not together? Today, Silverman appeared on the View and skirted around questions from Barbara Walters, who tried her best to ge the dirt on the two.  Barbara revealed that they both attended Howard Stern’s wedding on October 3 and that she and Jimmy looked very romantic together.  Silverman replied with the following:

In total respect to you and your legendness, I do not feel beholden or compelled to define my personal relationship.  It’s not like a big drama thing, we’re just not defining it.  We’re just being right now.  Is that okaaaay?

So I guess we will just have to wait and see what it all means…maybe we’ll get some more hilarious videos about their relationship, politics, or anything for that matter, to keep us satisfied in the meantime!


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