Scary… but true……bum bum bum bum-bum… by tweegnlb
October 9, 2008, 8:28 pm
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With all this talk of the virtual cyborg, i thought it would be cool to remember how close we actually are to the real thing.  You won’t believe this stuff, it sounds like science fiction but it isn’t far off.  Say hello to Sky Net people:

Professor Kevin Warwick,

of Reading University, is a fairly normal person with just a few differences: he has had some computer chips surgically implanted into his arms and skull.  Why you may ask?  So that he can connect wirelessly  and directly with various items, including his computer!

Among other things he can open doors, or turn on lights by a simple wave of his arm.

He can control robotic arms and limbs on the table in front of him, willing them to mimic his movements and muscle contractions!

Sitting in a wired up wheel chair, Professor Warwick can cause it to move wherever he wishes by simply opening and closing his fingers and palm.

The mouse cursor on his computer screen scrolls across information as he seemingly wills it to move by thought alone!

He can also receive information from his implants, and in one experiment, while physically blindfolded, the Professor was able to judge quite accurately the location of items in the room.  He said it was an entirely different sensation from seeing in the normal way, that it was almost as if he could sense the items in close proximity to himself!

The good Professor also has plans for a micro chip, implanted in two people, which would allow them to share sensations of pain as well as sexual orgasm (good news to those who have to fake it!).

With all of his promises seeming so outragous it is hard to believe the validity of the good Professors claims, yet clinical tests and trials have been nothing if not encouraging.

I for one will be keeping an old fashioned eye on Professor Warwicks future experiments, who knows?  Maybe one day we will have replacement body parts, if not replacement bodies to look forward to!

Good luck P-1000!


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