Too Much Angelina? by noyoufalled

Angelina Jolie is set to grace the cover of W Magazine’s November issue, and headlines are already screaming about the picture. But why? Jolie, her baby-daddy Brad Pitt, and their 6 children are almost always on the cover of one magazine or another. It’s all because Jolie is breast-feeding one of her 3-month-old twins in the black and white photo.

The picture is part of an exclusive set shot by Pitt at the couple’s home, and is sparking debate about its appropriateness even before it hits newsstands. While La Leche League International, a breastfeeding advocacy group, is applauding Jolie’s willingness to share the intimate shots with the public, others are quick to say that Jolie is revealing too much.

Jolie and Pitt made headlines the last time they appeared in W Magazine as well. In the shoot released shortly after his split with then-wife Jennifer Aniston, Pitt and Jolie were depicted as the quintessential cookie-cutter family complete with 5 blonde boys and a Brady Bunch-style home. At the time of the shoot Pitt and Jolie were denying rumors that they were a couple – just 3 years and 5 kids later the two are being called America’s Most Beautiful Family.

So exactly what is all the fuss about? Jolie reveals little more on the magazine cover than she would in one of her notoriously revealing award show dresses. What we see is a happy mom in a quiet moment with the man she loves, caring for one of her children. If not for the small hand of Vivienne (or Knox, baby hands are so hard to tell apart) peeking out from her open shirt, it would be difficult to tell that Jolie was breastfeeding. Why is this shot too much for a world constantly prying into the Brangelina brood’s personal life? Have we finally seen too much of Angelina Jolie, or are people overreacting about the maternal pics?


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