Tune In For A Little Help From Your Friends by tweegnlb
October 16, 2008, 5:38 pm
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Modern television has taken us in countless new directions.  One of the most popular developments has manifested in the “dramady”‘, or drama / comedy.

The power of the dramady lies in its ability to convey feelings of happiness amidst times of loss or uncertanty.

Two of the most expertly written examples are also two of the most popular dramady sensations: Weeds (On Showtime) and Rescue Me (A Sony/DreamWorks Production)

Weeds follows the wacky adventures of a single widow, and her family and friends.

The main character ‘Nancy’ finds herself in some fantastical situations; some very funny and some not so funny, but throughout it all she takes the true-to-life ups and downs in stride and tries to do the best she can in the situations with which she is faced.

Rescue Me follows the daily lives of a group of New York firemen working in the post 9/11 world.

The motley crew of jokesters and friends ease the pain in each others lives by pulling pranks and making fun of each other, offering little distraction from the graphic horrors they are subjected to in their proffession.

These shows, aside from being vastly entertaining and socially relevant, help us deal with the contemporary problems of our modern lives.

The endearing, well rounded characters, help us to identify with universal modern cultural paradigms such as:

– The single Mom or Dad, juggling work and family life, struggling to make ends meet

– Kids and puberty, relationships, parent/child rebellion

– Life and Death

– dependencies on alcohol and drugs, addictions

– politics, and world developments

And through it all they make us laugh.

We are often forced to stop and think about the hard questions in our ‘real’ lives, and the addition of humour helps us identify with charactes such as these.  They become very close to us, as close as friends, and we feel like we have almost shared intimate moments of our lives with them.

Television has ceased to merely make fun of life, and has truly begun to mirror it.


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