Well They’re Just Super! by tweegnlb
October 23, 2008, 5:16 pm
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Wait! Whats that?!? Up on the screen! Its every Super Hero you’ve ever seen!

Super Heros have exploded back into our attention, and they’re doing it in style.

From the comic book page to the big screen, modern Hero tales are being delivered with the special effects and street cred to back them up.  Thanks to Sam Raimi’s brilliant big screen interpretation of Spider man, Super Hero movies are now on the fast track to becoming the biggest box office draws in Hollywood.

Nearly all of the most popular Heroes from our childhood have been presented or are soon to be released.  Rumors of upcoming crossover/group films are also highly anticipated.

Arguably, the 1980’s and 90’s had their share of block buster hits like the Batman franchise (at least pertaining to the first two films!) but the new milenium has brought with it the realization that it isn’t all about campy throwbacks, somtimes it needs re-invention and reinterpretation (and the ease of modern computer generated special effects doen’t hurt either). Though some have had false starts, as in the case of Ang Lee’s Hulk, which needs no more mention, for the most part stories have held true and plots have captured new fans.

Theaters haven’t been the only arena which has been jump started into super-mode: televisions top show is a tip of the hat to the X-Men style genre of Super Heroes, aptly named ‘Heroes’, which garners millions of viewers every Monday night.

Specialty shows now have an avenue into mainstream prime time with the likes of ‘Ink: Alter Egos Exposed’ which delves into the psyche of Super Heroes and examines their motivations and existential meanings.

Other inroads have developed for entrepreneurs who have used other mediums to tell their Heroes tales, like Claudio Sanchez, lead singer of the band ‘Coheed and Cambria’.  Sanchez writes a quarterly comic book by the same name, which follows along with the bands concept albums, telling the tale of its two heroes Coheed and Cambria.  Styles like this are so ahead of the rest that many fans of the band don’t even know of the comics existence.

Be they the classic originals or the new releases, Super Heroes will always have the power to capture our attention and the strength and stamina to remain relavent and contemporary in a changing world.


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