High School Musical 3 Premieres Today! by noyoufalled

For those of you blissfully ignoring the Wonderful World of Disney and its band of “really, we can play 16” 20-something actors, High School Musical 3 premieres in theatres across the country today. Previous High School Musicals have only graced the small-screen, so it’s understandable if you’ve never seen Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (the ‘it’ couple both on and off screen) declaring their love for eachother through G-rated songs. But now, with bigger hype than most other Disney live-action flicks could even dream about, High School Musical 3: Senior Year hits theatres and promises to finally turn the Disney Channel stars into real movie actors.

Though you might not be able to say you remember Efron and Hudgens from any of their acting gigs (which, for Efron at least, do include some mainstream movies), you’ll probably remember them from Hudgen’s nude-photo scandal, her Neutrogena ads, or by the very fact that their squeaky-clean-couple image is plastered over entertainment sites everywhere.

Though you might be put off by the ‘G’ rating, High School Musical 3 promises everything that an average teen-flick does: a disgustingly cute couple, someone trying to break up that disgustingly cute couple, and a backup band of friends in case you get bored watching the disgustingly cute couple. Just ignore the fact that they share their emotions through songs.


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