HE.DID.IT. OBAMA WINS! by hyphenator

And the winner is OBAMA!!!!

After months and months of campaigning, finally it all has come to an end!  CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has been elected as the new President of the USA.  This makes Barack Obama the United States’ first African American President ever!  This election, like most elections, definitely has some interesting events and moments that we will laugh at for a while!!

Joe the Plumber became hugely popular after asking Obama about tax increases in relation to a plumbing business he was interested in buying at a rally.  Joe Wurzelbacher, gained the nickname Joe the Plumber, went on to symbolize the working middle class in the Untied States.  McCain tried to utlize Joe as an example of how Obama’s tax changes would hurt him and others who earned more than $250,000.  I guess McCain’s strategy didn’t work so well, when McCain was apparently missinformed as to whether or not Joe the Plumber was attending the rally that day or not…..”Where’s Joe?”

Even before Joe the Plumber emerged from middle class America, Sara Palin, the Vice-President hopeful, coined the term “Joe Six Pack” as the typical American citizen!  For real!

CNN‘s Jack Cafferty went as far as to question Palin’s qualifications to be the next Vice President.  Cafferty said:

“If John McCain wins, this women will be one 72 year-old’s heartbeat away from being President of the United States.  And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should!”

It just keeps getting better.  Check out how Palin’s responded, in an interview done with Katie Couric, when Couric inquired about the bailout plan.

The ongoing political slogging back and forth made for great TV!  Tina Fey made multiple guest appearances on SNL as Sarah Palin.  And SNL’s Fred Armisen was hilarious as Sen. Barack Obama!

So….FINALLY…the 44th US President is Barack Obama!  I wonder if this means anything will change?  We will see!  Bye Bye Bush and his Republicans!!!!

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