Evolution Revolution by tweegnlb

When someone sits down to relax they often turn on the TV.

When they turn on the TV, they like to choose what to watch.

This sounds fare, but a new ruling by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) may change things forever.

The CRTC has decided to reject airing American cable channels on Canadian television screens, effectively cutting viewers program choices in half.

If a viewer is a fan of a particular American television program, they may have to wait months before a Canadian network or specialty channel picks up the show (which often fall behind American broadcasts by almost two seasons), to even see a new episode!

As good as Can-Con (Canadian content) laws are for making sure Canadian produced programming has a place on Canadian television, they should hardly have the ability to restrict (from the source) the variety of programming available to viewers in the modern age of satellite and digital cable.

Some viewers pay hundreds of dollars per month to get the channels and events they choose, because those are the things that interest them most!  It seems a backward step to encroach upon ones freedom of choice in the world of ‘customization of entertainment’ that has arisen to compete with other forms of entertainment media such as the internet.

Maybe that will be the slap in the face that the CRTC needs to smarten up and realize what they are doing.

The ease of modern downloading software, combined with the rising popularity of television archive host sites, may be the answers frustrated viewers are looking for.  Most people can now navigate the internet well enough to find what they’re looking for, and with the help of massive search engines, like Google, those who can’t can still find something or someone to help them get there.

If the law makers want to force the issue, then the people will turn to the lawless land of the internet to get their entertainment.  Most modern computers have the ability to produce high deffinition audio and video output, that rivals what is offered by cable and satellite companies, and yet only costs a one time fee.

The freedom of the internet (pun intended) could destroy the grip that historical television entertainment rule makers have had on us up to this point.

Come on people, the revolution is only a click away…

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