The First Dog by noyoufalled

So we’ve all heard of the First Lady, possibly even the First Family, but the First Dog?

[via wikipedia.org]

Meet Barney, President Bush’s Scottish Terrier. Barney likes golfballs, volleyballs, and observing a good game of horseshoes. He is the star of numerous photo shoots, stars in his own films, and even has his own ‘advice’ column. You can learn everything you’d ever need or want to know about Barney on the White House website – Barney has his very own page!

But not everything is happiness and golfballs in Barney’s world lately. Not only will he be losing his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when his Papa George leaves office in a couple of months, Barney is right now at the centre of an assault scandal!

It seems like Barney is getting a little riled up about the 2008 Election Results, not to mention all those rumors that his home will be invaded by a shelter dog! The horror! 

But enough about Barney and old President Bush, there’s a new man in town! For those of you tired of the Bush family escapades and ready to look to the future, you can help the Obama’s pick a new presidential pooch! Hopefully the next First Dog will be a little more approachable!


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