A Day in the Life of….Brangelina!! by hyphenator
November 18, 2008, 9:56 pm
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Brad Pitt talked to Oprah in an interview scheduled to air on November 19 and revealed, that as a family with six children,  he and girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, don’t get to go to the mall. Brad explained that it takes a half-hour just to get everyone buckled in!  Bradd also credited Angelina saying,

“Angie’s militant about it.  She’s right on top of it. Thank God, because I am always forgetting something”.


Brad also tells Oprah about Shiloh’s latest quirk, saying that she only wants to be called John.  Or Peter.  Apparently it’s a Peter Pan thing, Brad exlains to intensly happy and attentive Oprah.  

Take a look at the trailer….Oprah just seems a little too excited to be talking to Brad about his family and Shiloh!   

US Magazine is reporting that in an interview to British show GMTV, Angelina admitted that she struggled with breastfeeding twins, Viv and Knox, simultaneously.  She also admits that its much harder than it looks in the books and after three months she stopped, saying that’s as much as she could do.  But Brangelina doesn’t mind the hectic family life saying, “We appreciate how much that keeps us focused on what’s important”.  So is their life really as pretty of a picture as they seem to paint it?!

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