Batman in peril………………Goodbye dark knight. by jojobigms
November 30, 2008, 10:34 pm
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well here we go again with the whole spiel about the black bat and his contributions to the economy by nearly selling 30million on opening night. However, as we look deeper into hollywood it would appear that the dangling bat is written to die in the next sequel (according to E! Entertainment). Yes, that is right…….there will be no more of the petty little bat as writer Grant Morrison puts away the playboy Bruce Wayne.


The new equipped movie being written for Batman has shown some disappointment to some and pleasure to others. I happen to be part of the others simply due to the fact that the Dark Knight was simply a bit annoying with the super-hero voice and now that the bat dies so does a part of the career of the actor.

 Anyways, to roll away from the ramble……it appear that Bruce Wayne’s father is not dead after all these years of Batman and who also ironically happens to be the villain. shortly, after Batman sees that it is his father he tries to capture him and dies in a deadly helicopter crash…..simple ending.


if you ask and that is if you ask me…..I would say that they locked the Dark Knight impersonator in a binding hard core contract stating to do other Batman movies………….what better way to kill a horrible actor than by giving him no lines for the next decade…….hahahahhah.


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Dark Knight was an awesome movie and I don’t even like those super hero type movies.

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