Batman in peril………………Goodbye dark knight.
November 30, 2008, 10:34 pm
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well here we go again with the whole spiel about the black bat and his contributions to the economy by nearly selling 30million on opening night. However, as we look deeper into hollywood it would appear that the dangling bat is written to die in the next sequel (according to E! Entertainment). Yes, that is right…….there will be no more of the petty little bat as writer Grant Morrison puts away the playboy Bruce Wayne.


The new equipped movie being written for Batman has shown some disappointment to some and pleasure to others. I happen to be part of the others simply due to the fact that the Dark Knight was simply a bit annoying with the super-hero voice and now that the bat dies so does a part of the career of the actor.

 Anyways, to roll away from the ramble……it appear that Bruce Wayne’s father is not dead after all these years of Batman and who also ironically happens to be the villain. shortly, after Batman sees that it is his father he tries to capture him and dies in a deadly helicopter crash…..simple ending.


if you ask and that is if you ask me…..I would say that they locked the Dark Knight impersonator in a binding hard core contract stating to do other Batman movies………….what better way to kill a horrible actor than by giving him no lines for the next decade…….hahahahhah.


Twilight……….a smash hit.
November 23, 2008, 10:51 pm
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Well there is no disappointment as according to the E! news the movies hit a dent in the market with a grand opening only this time it beat the favorable Indiana Jones and James Bond Quantum of solace. Twilight’s numbers hit high $35 Million which was better than the $25 Million expected. Although there is not much comment about the movie from many people to be found other than Q and A, all that can be said is that it left people satisfied. 


MINOTAUR!!! available now @ Role Models.
November 16, 2008, 10:23 pm
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So, her it is is folks, another bad ass movie where the menace to society proves to be a good role model in the end helping no one but him/her self. This could be the next best thing after Big Daddy which was tremendous hit with the laughter and sympathy.


The basic plot is amazing because it moves away from the crazy wild adventures of the lead actors playing together to a more rough start that soon turns into a companionship. For those of you who don’t live around Lethbridge, there is a “group” of individuals who consider themselves knights, Kings, Queens and so on. It is most definetly the most interesting thing I have ever seen which is also what makes it funnier because that exact same social group is depicted in the movie to show the “funny” side as opposed to the serious one the “others” see

Check it out for yourself, this movies is an absolute must see for a good laugh and a great check into reality showing how sometimes adults are not the teacher but rather the students, and it’s hard to admit your wrong  but when the cat is out of the bag, you go all out.

November 9, 2008, 9:54 am
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For those of you living on the moon for the last three or four months there has been a novel out in society that has sparked imaginations, terrorized sleepless nights, and of course grabbed the attention of the film industry which has taken a step further with the novel. The book it’s self was not a big hit when it first came out, it took a while until the society of vampire lovers came along.


The interesting thing is how long it took for the book to gain popularity by the popular mass consumerism of the youngsters of today. The book was never released until it’s first copy in 2005, until then it took nearly three years for people to grasp and put into the grapevine of society. However, never the less to see the effects of this book towards their readers is incredible. look around, I have seen nothing but this book in the hands of continual readers of love,lust, killings. Wow and now there is a movie to be viewed, and since this audience has connected with the book so quick, the movie has seen quite the outlook for the next season.

so, without further adeus, I leave you with the clip from the movie.

U2 Denied Building of the U2 TOWER.
November 2, 2008, 7:17 pm
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According to this weekends E! entertainment news, the U2 Tower ( named after the obvious) was disallowed to continue any further plans with the project. The tower project was set in Dublin with full plans ready to go but the government felt that the economic structure of the city yet alone the country was not ready for it.

I say good job by the government if we look at it from the citizens point of view, the applications and luxuries of the building however did not benefit much to society. Most of the noted advantages was that it was eco-friendly and also constituted of wind turbines for energy supply. But in the end let’s face it who wouldn’t want the tower, more suites full of luxurious things which cannot be accessed by much of the public. Way to go U2.

October 26, 2008, 6:18 pm
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Earlier through this weekend it was channeled all over the media, as a tragedy happened amongst the family of the actress Jennifer Hudson, whose mother was found dead shot to death. The condo in Chicago, purchased by Jennifer for her mother was attacked early in  the morning, where neighbors prove hearing gun shots shortly after calling the police.

The only source of evidence the Chicago PD are running on ( according to E! news) is the fact that there were family domestic disputes which may have caused the brother of Jennifer to be a target for further confrontation. Although a fair amount of information was gathered, there is still little evidence to point the police in any other direction.

October 19, 2008, 8:06 pm
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well well well………welcome back Mr. Barker. It was released that the brave warrior was enjoying his time at home under supervision and care, where he will recover for the duration of time remaining to heal those 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

you would think there is a sense in someone to notice a certain trend in  the world of airplane crashes in where one might discover that most plane crashes that usually occur are the small “private” type.  and looking at the size of those, if you were to hit the ground or he ocean, the chances of that aircraft being in one shape, is pretty minimal. so, in the future words of advice to the outgoing famous, “follow the steps of all the big dogs, they get the big planes. more control, more comfortability, and a great experience.”