Four Christmases and 10 Holiday Favorites!
A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

With less than one month till Santa’s big day I decided to check my list…twice and put together the ‘nice’ list of holiday favorites that you may want to view in the days leading up to Christmas.

I understand that due to traditions each person may have a very different top 10 but I have come up with a general group and would love to hear your comments about which movies you think make the list of the best Christmas movies.

First off though I must mention the new 2008 Christmas movie…

Of course with a cast that includes Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn and many other great actors I think it is fair to say Four Christmases  might be worth checking out. It opened today and although I couldn’t make it to the theatre, I have already heard that it was ‘really good and really funny’.

So check it out and see if it makes your list of faves, at least with Vince Vaughn involved you are guarnteed some laughs!

 Here’s the trailer…

So in no particular order, here is a list of the best Christmas movies! 

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)-directed by Frank Capra

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) -directed by George Seaton

A Christmas Story (1983) -directed by Bob Clark

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) -directed by Bill Melendez

A Christmas Carol (1938) -directed by Edwin L. Marin

The Santa Clause (1994) -directed by John Pasquin

Home Alone (1990) -directed by Chris Columbus

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) -directed by Chuck Jones and Ben Washamgrinch

Prancer (1989) -directed by John D. Hancock

and one of my favorites…

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989) -directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik

Many Christmas movies have been remade once or a few times, to me this must mean that we like the classic stories and don’t mind a modern twist every now and then.

So with just under a month to get all your decorating, shopping and baking done..don’t forget to find some time to grab a cup of eggnog and settle in for an evening with your favorite holiday flicks…whatever they may be!


Trading Denim for Diamonds…Country Music’s Big Night

Co-Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

Co-Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood


Tonight the big stars of country music took the stage at the Sommet Center in Nashville for the annual Academy of Country Music Awards. The hosts of this year’s CMA awards were Brad Paisley and former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. The two were chosen to host the show due to their winning the 2007 Male and Female Vocalists of the year. If that’s the academy’s new way of selecting hosts Brad and Carrie will be hosting again next year as they took the vocalist of the year awards home again for 2008!


The 42nd annual awards started off with a bang with a performance by co-host Brad Paisley and superstar Keith Urban.  Urban’s and wife Nicole Kidman welcomed new baby Sunday Rose in July but the 4 month old baby girl did not join the couple on the red carpet. Keith Urban was also nominated for two awards, Entertainer of the Year (which he won in 2005) and Male Vocalist of the year (which he claimed in 2004, 2005 and 2006).

Past winner and nominee Keith Urban with wife Nicole Kidman

Past winner and nominee Keith Urban with wife Nicole Kidman



In addition to opening the show, Brad Paisley also sang his newest single ‘Waitin’ on a Woman’ while Carrie Underwood belted out ‘Just a Dream’.  Carrie Underwood also had some accomplishments during the show she managed a total of 7 wardrobe changes after hitting the red carpet!

Nicole Kidman wasn’t the only Oscar winner in attendance;  , star of the new holiday film \’Four Christmases\’ ,Reese Witherspoon presented the award for Male Vocalist of the year.

Entertainer of the Year was claimed by Kenny Chesney who is no stranger to the honour as he won in 2007, 2006 and 2004. Wit 29 nominations and 7 awards during his career he must have his acceptance speech memorized! Also nominated were, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Sugarland and Keith Urban.

2008 Entertainer of the Year, Kenny Chesney

2008 Entertainer of the Year, Kenny Chesney



Though he didn’t pick up Entertainer of the Year, 23 years after his first CMA, George Strait once again won Album of the year and also added Single of the year. With a total of 22 awards and 75 nominations dating as far back as 1983, this country legend definately has his speech memorized!

So after Entertainer of the Year was awarded and Carrie Underwood made one more dress change the country celebrities left in their glamorous clothes in search of their blue jeans and boots until the fancy dress comes out again next year!

For complete details on the CMA’s be sure to check out http://www.cmaawards.com/2008/

Unexpected Death of Jurassic Park Creator
Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton

The writer of novels, television and films that sparked imaginations, pushed boundaries and made medicine a major part of Thursday nights passed away in Los Angeles yesterday at the age of 66 after a battle with cancer.

During his lifetime he wrote many great stories and brought the medical drama ER into our living rooms. The show began in 1994 with the like of George Clooney and Noah Wyle  and will complete its final season this year. For this show he was nominated for the Emmy award for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ each year rom 1995- 2000 winning the award in 1996.

In 1993 movie audiences were captivated by his prehistoric story of Jurassic Park and he made people really think about the limitations of science again with a sequel to Jurassic Park; The Lost World in 1997.

Other popular stories from Michael Crichton include Twister (1996, Directed By Jan de Bont) and The Andromeda Strain (2008, Directed By Mikael Salomon), as well as many novels and other films and television works.

AOL Entertainment reported ths story and included the following quote from his family. “While the world knew him as a great storyteller that challenged our preconceived notions about the world around us – and entertained us all while doing so – his wife Sherri, daughter Taylor, family and friends knew Michael Crichton as a devoted husband, loving father and generous friend who inspired each of us to strive to see the wonders of our world through new eyes,” his family said.

For more details of Micheal Crightons many acheivments and facinating stories you can visit his WEBSITE

Halloween Horror

With Halloween just one more day away it’s time to head to your local movie rental store to pick up some frightful flicks to enjoy while the ghosts and goblins and witches roam the streets in search for sweet treats.

To save you all from having to research your own Halloween horror I have researched and found a list of the top ten best horror movies. It is interesting to note that most of the best ones were made decades ago, before all of the movie technology that film makers have access to today. In addition to this many of the movies have been re-done in recent years but it is the originals that top the lists.

During my internet search I discovered that there were entire websites dedicated to this gruesome and frightening genre of film. One sight by Don Sumner brilliantly named Best-Horror-Movies.Com provides the list of the top 100 best horror movies.  I have cut this down to just the top 10 but if the movie store is sold out of these ones you can always check out his sight for the complete list!

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

10. Friday the 13th (1980, directed by Sean S. Cunningham)

9. Dead Alive (1992. Directed by Peter Jackson)

8. Psycho (1960, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock)

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, Directed by Wes Craven)

6. The Shining (1980, Directed by Stanley Kubrick)

5. Night of the Living Dead(1968, Directed by Dean Lachiusa & George Romero)

4. Halloween (1978, directed by John Carpenter)

3. Dawn of the Dead (1978, Directed by George A. Romero)

2. Alien(1979, Directed by Ridley Scott)

1. The Exorcist (1973, Directed by William Friedkin)For more information and reviews on these movies and others, you can also check out the Internet Movie Database it has tons of information on any movie you can think of!

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist (1973)


The number one movie on my list would be Psycho, I’ve only ever seen it once when I was quite young and had a strange fascination with horrifying movies but I will never forget the creepy music and that famous shower scene. With a man like Alfred Hitchcock behind the scenes it was sure to be memorable. This black and white fright starred Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh and was nominated for 5 Oscars in 1961. Now 47 years later though the leading actors are no longer alive the impact of the movie most certainly is!

Janet Leigh in Psycho

This Halloween if you would rather watch some gruesome scenes at the theatre Saw V was released on October 24th and according to The Internet Movie Database it currently has 6 out of 10 stars and you can check out all of the reviews there before going to the theatre.

So whether you are handing out candy to miniature Hannah Montana’s, pretty princesses or those who truly get into the scary spirit of the holiday with fake blood and a rubber mask, just remember to take some time to honour the movies that sent us to bed with the promise of nightmares!

Material Girl’s Marriage Malfunction
October 15, 2008, 11:58 pm
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Madonna and soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie

Madonna and soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie

Though the rumor mill has been busy with talk about trouble in Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage for nearly a year, nothing had been confirmed. However Madonna was reportedly seeking legal counsel recently from the same lawyer Paul McCartney usedearlier this year in his divorce from Heather Mills.

Then this week it became official; the ‘Queen of Pop’ would like to rule her kingdom without her husband of nearly 8 years.

Madonna will be needing the best lawyer possible if the information in The Times was true; apparently there is no prenuptial agreement protecting her $590 million fortune! And here i thought pre-nups were pre-requisites in a celebrity marriage!

Before marrying Ritchie in December of 2002, Madonna gave birth to their son Rocco, this was her second child, the first being Lourdes who’s father was fitness trainer Carlos Leon. In October of 2006 the couple caused some controversy when they adopted their son, David Banda, from Malawi due to allegations that they did not follow the proper adoption laws in that country.

Madonna with son David Banda

Madonna with son David Banda

Maddona, a yoga fanatic and Kabbalah follower is 50  years old and 10 years older than Guy Ritchie who was a not- so- well- known British filmmaker when the two started dating in 1998. Madonna was also married to actor Sean Penn for four years  from 1985-1989.

According to Guardian of the UK, Madonna had hoped to wait until after her global tour Sticky and Sweet but the couple reportedly would like the divorce finalized before Christmas.

No More Botox for Cox!

Courtney Cox revealed in an interview with Marie Claire that she has tried Botox injections but hated it. She said “I’m an actor, i have to be able to move my face”. This is in complete contrast to a previous post which discussed Sharon Stone’s use of Botox (on her sons feet)!

Cover of Marie Claire Magazine

Cover of Marie Claire Magazine

I think it’s great that Courtney could be honest about trying it and then telling the world that she wasn’t too thrilled. the 44 year old actress, best known for her role as Monica on the sitcom Friends admits that she like the concept of what Botoxcan do but says “you have to use it sparingly”.

She also adds that her husband, actor David Arquette “loves the aging process. He thinks it’s beautiful”. Way to go David…maybe more Hollywood hubbys will begin to follow in your footsteps!

Courtney Cox with husband David Arquette

Courtney Cox with husband David Arquette

 I’m not sure the whole anti-aging rage is really the best way to go for celebrities. 10 years from now, it will be VERY apparent who has opted for cosmetic assistance in the aging process and who has allowed their bodies to age naturally. I meant there is only so much you can do and then you’re just bound to be old and in some cases these women (and men) will be old with faces that no longer move!

I also think that maybe if more celebrities start speaking out against it’s use (or overuse) the whole trend of permanent youth may start to fade a little.

However Cox is not the first to be unimpressed with Botox; 51 year old,Terminator actress Linda Hamilton said in September of this year that she would not be partaking in the Hollywood fad.

Anti-Botox Celebrity Linda Hamilton

Anti-Botox Celebrity Linda Hamilton

So i guess we will just wait and see who wrinkles and who just ages with the grace that many celebrities have done in the past without the wonders of age defying injections.

I now pronounce you husband and wife… you may now make s’mores!

When most people think of celebrity weddings the most common things to come to mind are paparazzi photos of Armani clad Katie Holmes or the elaborate decor featured in many entertainment magazines following  any celeb’s big affair; this time though, the event was much, much different.

In May of this year after a year of dating a ring showed up on Scarlett Johannson’s finger, which was later confirmed to be an engagement ring from boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, whom she had been dating for about a year (the ring by the way was estimated to cost approximately $30 000).

Scarlett's $30 000 engagement ring

Scarlett's $30 000 engagement ring

However, according to Hello! the couple tied the knot this weekend in Canada. The 30-40 guests in attendance slept in tents and spent the weekend fishing, horseback riding and biking in the wilderness of Vancouver Island.

The Bridal Suite?

The Bridal Suite?

Click the link below to visit the nature lovers’ resort website


The 23 year old actress wanted a small private affair and the couple will likely plan a larger reception later at some time.  Their choice of location was away from prying eyes at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort near Tofino on Vancouver Island and also just a short ferry ride from Ryan’s hometown of Vancouver.

The happy couple... already in their camping oufits?

The happy couple... already in their camping oufits?

According to Stuff Scarlett had told paparazzi that they were in no rush to get married and were enjoying being engaged. Apparently this was meant to throw media attention off and it looks as though it may have worked (that and the fact that they were smack dab in the middle of the forested island)!

According to People magazine the 31 year old groom did some salmon and halibut fishing while the guests participated in various other outdoor activities.

Johansson and Reynolds are not the only Hollywood couple tht has opted for a small private wedding in the last little while.

  • Ashley Simpson and husband Pete Wentz were married in Simpson’s parents backyard
  • Jessica Alba and Cash Warren married at the Beverley Hill’s courthouse, with no guests at all.
  • And despite her estimated 17 carat diamond ring Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon tied the not on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas

So while the engagement rings continue to grow in size and price, the smaller weddings are becoming more popular among the typically lavish celebrities.