See, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things… by tweegnlb

This is a sad, sad time to be a Canadian.

I really thought we were above crap like this.

Last week a new fad struck the nation, one where seemingly intelligent individuals took it upon themselves to fall in line with the stupidity of the group and celebrate national “Kick a Ginger Day”.

(please see this URL for a Calgary news clip)


I have two problems with this development.  First, obviously, is the blatant stupidity of those who participated, and the pain or embarrassment that they caused their red headed peers.  Second is the fact that in their defense, these idiots are trying to pin their crimes on an episode of the cartoon South Park, which aired last year.


The idea was popularized via a Face Book page of the same name, started by a youth in Vancouver.  Those involved in altercations over the ‘holiday’ are currently being investigated and some may even result in criminal charges being laid for committing a ‘hate crime’.

Now common people, are we really this stupid?

At one point, the writters of South Park made an episode in which Erik Cartman tried to trick the townspeople into reviving the Nazi movement to remove all the Jewish people from South Park.  So does this mean we are now allowed to blame Neo-Nazism on the behavior of a few cartoon characters?  I mean really!  This material is from a show that prides itself on social satire and showing the ridiculous side of human behavior.  Stupid, just stupid…

Now this prompts me to ask you all a question one of my teachers posed the other day:  ‘In situations like this, should we blame the influence of a movie or television show or should individuals be responsable for how they respond?’  To me the answer seems pretty obvious, but im open to discussion so please feel free to comment.


The Bad (Golden) Eggs by tweegnlb

What is it about cartoons that start with “S” ?

Two modest little shows: Simpson’s and South Park, who knew?

They both began as the bad guys of adult cartoon entertainment. They were the scapegoats for what was ‘wrong with television’ (if not our social moral fabric) in the 1990’s.  The Simpson’s glorified the bad behavior of a spiky headed 4th grader, and the hands off parenting style of his drunken buffoon of a father.  South Park was just 4 children with potty mouths, swearing for attention.

It was shameful and offensive, and we loved it!


Both shows have earned respect in their own ways: The Simpson’s for its longevity and multilayer ed comedic genius, and the way they changed the face of television, breaking through the crap so other shows, like South Park, could even have a chance.

In the beginning, viewers saw South Park as a show that relied on shock value for laughs.  But eventually people caught on to what they really were: the no bullshit kings of popular culture and social commentary.

South Park must be respected for its unbiased position on truth.  Whether they’re commenting on homelessness, politics or religion, South Parks creators pull no punches – its a no holds barred mentality that has worked greatly to the shows advantage.

South Park has shown that they even hold themselves and their staff to this all or nothing mentality, in their choice to kill off longtime character Chef (aka Isaac Hayes) in a very unflattering manner, after Hayes publicly voiced his disappointment at the show for making fun of his beloved Scientology.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker responded by saying their is no line that cannot be crossed and that they could not continue the show if they gave in when people were upset by being singled out.

Recently, South Park was honored with the distinguished Peabody Award for their commitment to unbiased social commentary and the unbelievably current production of story lines and episodes (often produced 3 or 4 days after a topic hits news venues).  A very prestigious award not usually given to cartoon types.

No one can argue that these shows have a huge and ongoing effect on our popular culture and entertainment values.  i for one cannot go a single day without quoting a line that fits perfectly into a situation, or smiling when someone shows just how silly we can be.

The Simpsons was recently picked up for 3 more seasons on Fox, and the creators of South Park have said that as long as there are things to make fun of, they’ll keep making new episodes.

Enjoy them both while they last!

The First Dog by noyoufalled

So we’ve all heard of the First Lady, possibly even the First Family, but the First Dog?

[via wikipedia.org]

Meet Barney, President Bush’s Scottish Terrier. Barney likes golfballs, volleyballs, and observing a good game of horseshoes. He is the star of numerous photo shoots, stars in his own films, and even has his own ‘advice’ column. You can learn everything you’d ever need or want to know about Barney on the White House website – Barney has his very own page!

But not everything is happiness and golfballs in Barney’s world lately. Not only will he be losing his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when his Papa George leaves office in a couple of months, Barney is right now at the centre of an assault scandal!

It seems like Barney is getting a little riled up about the 2008 Election Results, not to mention all those rumors that his home will be invaded by a shelter dog! The horror! 

But enough about Barney and old President Bush, there’s a new man in town! For those of you tired of the Bush family escapades and ready to look to the future, you can help the Obama’s pick a new presidential pooch! Hopefully the next First Dog will be a little more approachable!

HE.DID.IT. OBAMA WINS! by hyphenator

And the winner is OBAMA!!!!

After months and months of campaigning, finally it all has come to an end!  CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has been elected as the new President of the USA.  This makes Barack Obama the United States’ first African American President ever!  This election, like most elections, definitely has some interesting events and moments that we will laugh at for a while!!

Joe the Plumber became hugely popular after asking Obama about tax increases in relation to a plumbing business he was interested in buying at a rally.  Joe Wurzelbacher, gained the nickname Joe the Plumber, went on to symbolize the working middle class in the Untied States.  McCain tried to utlize Joe as an example of how Obama’s tax changes would hurt him and others who earned more than $250,000.  I guess McCain’s strategy didn’t work so well, when McCain was apparently missinformed as to whether or not Joe the Plumber was attending the rally that day or not…..”Where’s Joe?”

Even before Joe the Plumber emerged from middle class America, Sara Palin, the Vice-President hopeful, coined the term “Joe Six Pack” as the typical American citizen!  For real!

CNN‘s Jack Cafferty went as far as to question Palin’s qualifications to be the next Vice President.  Cafferty said:

“If John McCain wins, this women will be one 72 year-old’s heartbeat away from being President of the United States.  And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should!”

It just keeps getting better.  Check out how Palin’s responded, in an interview done with Katie Couric, when Couric inquired about the bailout plan.

The ongoing political slogging back and forth made for great TV!  Tina Fey made multiple guest appearances on SNL as Sarah Palin.  And SNL’s Fred Armisen was hilarious as Sen. Barack Obama!

So….FINALLY…the 44th US President is Barack Obama!  I wonder if this means anything will change?  We will see!  Bye Bye Bush and his Republicans!!!!

Jenny McCarthy “Cures” Autism by noyoufalled
October 17, 2008, 7:31 pm
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In an incredibly controversial interview with US Magazine, Jenny McCarthy has announced that she has cured autism.

McCarthy claims that her 6-year-old son, Evan, ‘contracted’ autism after being vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella. After being placed on a strict wheat and dairy-free diet, Evan has emerged from his shell, and McCarthy says he is now a loving and attentive child. McCarthy also claims that Evan’s miracle recovery can be linked to divine workings.

“I heard Evan laugh – I jumped on the bed and started screaming. When he finally hugged me, I prayed, ‘Please God don’t let this be the only time.’ I made a deal with God. I said, ‘You fix my boy, you show me the way and I’ll teach the world how I did it.’ “

McCarthy recently appeared on Oprah, spreading her ‘miracle cure’ and promoting the new book she wrote about how she saved her child. She also approached U.S. presidential candidate John McCain to help spread the word on the supposed link between childhood vaccinations and autism, but McCain’s representatives turned her down. This may be the first smart move in McCain’s presidential run.

[Via Perez, US magazine, CelebEdge]

Is this not a current event? by jojobigms
September 21, 2008, 10:34 pm
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while developers/leaders of the future “free world” try to create a better place, we a as good common people choose to follow their dreams. Actors, musicians, and all type of artistic genre, have chosen themselves to follow along and bring their audience. However, the great band of history METALLICA think that they are on a different wave when it comes to free world movement.

Here it is gang, (wtf?) if I made a home made video of me by a swimming pool, swimming in the swimming pool, and then later said the video was not about aquatics, you………..would think i was insane. well our friends from METALLICA, have a new video out, and they do just that.

” The Day That Never Comes”, as you will notice (off the new album) never mind the suspicious lyrics, has military personnel with the resemblance of the U.S army force,the landscape of Afghanistan, and the woman of Arabic descent, witch to Metallica, seams to make no relevance to current events?? They claim, according to MTV news that the video is about basic human instincts. well audience you be the judge of that…..

well………………the verdict??? YES. you are picking on current events? pft…..can’t believe they thought they’d had us?

Alright ladies, let’s see your catwalk….. by jojobigms
September 15, 2008, 11:48 pm
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Well, well congratulations to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who married a former mode Carla Bruni. According to the China Daily, there is no feeling of uneasy for the ruler of France but was rather open about the  relationship being “serious” and gave away early hints for a wedding which there was no date declared.

It’s interesting to see how the enchanting model will represent the nation with that stunning look of hers. But, at least she’s not as frightening as some of the other accepted women of politics such as our good old friend Sarah Palin. well at least the American Government can be assured Sarah is a bonafied U.S citizen just last year…….when her application for her first ever U.S passport was accepted.  [ Huliq News]

However, sorry for the disappointment ladies, the model politician female of the year and possible future goes to the trophy wife at the ALL AMERICAN county fair. The image of her represents America as a more family centered sector with CHANGE that is absent from the U.S but also much needed.