Twilight……….a smash hit. by jojobigms
November 23, 2008, 10:51 pm
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Well there is no disappointment as according to the E! news the movies hit a dent in the market with a grand opening only this time it beat the favorable Indiana Jones and James Bond Quantum of solace. Twilight’s numbers hit high $35 Million which was better than the $25 Million expected. Although there is not much comment about the movie from many people to be found other than Q and A, all that can be said is that it left people satisfied. 



Welcome to the World, Little Pancake Lightbulb by noyoufalled

Audio Science. FiFi Trixibell. Pilot Inspektor.

Celebrities come up with the best baby names. And the worst.

Just why is it that celebrities of the 21st century feel they can name their children anything and everything? Do they really think that their children will be immune to schoolyard bullies? It seems so, as each year we welcome to the world little bundles of joy whose names we can’t pronounce (or say without holding back a giggle).

[via celebritiy-babies.com]

And isn’t it ironic that some of the most outlandish names come from celebrities with the most common? Pictured above is Jonathan Davis, frontman of the band Korn. Next to him is his 18-month-old son, Zeppelin. Cool band name, not so great kid name. I’m sure other parents do a double-take on the playground when Davis calls for little Zeppelin and his older brother, Pirate, to come over!

[via babyrazzi.com]

Or how about baby Zuma and his big brother Kingston, sons of rockers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani? It’s a very good thing that these two are so adorable. Maybe it’ll save them some goose-eggs.

[via accesshollywood.com, allmovies.com]

The latest couple to lay a less than common name on their child are musicians Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy fame) and Ashlee Simpson (of bad lip-syncing on SNL fame). Bronx Mowgli Wentz was born last night, weighing in at 7lbs, 11 oz. No pictures of the little tyke have been released as of yet, so in the meantime let’s hope, for his sake, that Bronx doesn’t resemble his Jungle Book namesake too much.

Nostalgia, It Just Keeps Coming Back Again and Again by tweegnlb

Sure it started as a sickness.  Young soldiers had a yearning to go back home, back to a past they longed to relive, but today it captures our attention and our dollars, and we cannot seem to get enough of it!

We have all at one time or another seen an image or felt a feeling that instantly took us back to better days in our childhoods, sometimes even a smell can do the trick.

And today, a large portion of our popular culture and entertainment aims to do just that.  One of the major influences of this phenomenon is the fact that Gen-Xers and early Millennial s are taking up the reins of large corporations and production companies.  These companies are now remaking and re marketing the television shows, movies and toys of our youth and we have taken it all and demanded more!

One key player in the new market of old memories is actor Seth Green who, along with the geniuses at the magazine Twisted Toyfare, have come up with the highly popular pop culture parody TV show Robot Chicken.


The show is genius in its simplicity: take comic book superheros, toys and other pop culture phenomenons and put them in adult situations.  The scripts almost write themselves, and the audience is already highly invested in the characters, so the humor flows freely.

Individuals who still have their old toys can have lots of fun taking them out and actually playing around with them again, and trust me it can be hilarious!


Incidentally, the common ‘Stick’ was recently admitted into the National Toy Hall of Fame( via The Circuit on Space Channel ) for its unending ability to become a sword or almost any other item one can conceive of in the blink of an eye!

Here are a couple neat sites for nostalgia buffs just in case you’re interested:



All in all, i think we have shown ourselves that nostalgia is a sickness we can live with : )

A Day in the Life of….Brangelina!! by hyphenator
November 18, 2008, 9:56 pm
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Brad Pitt talked to Oprah in an interview scheduled to air on November 19 and revealed, that as a family with six children,  he and girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, don’t get to go to the mall. Brad explained that it takes a half-hour just to get everyone buckled in!  Bradd also credited Angelina saying,

“Angie’s militant about it.  She’s right on top of it. Thank God, because I am always forgetting something”.


Brad also tells Oprah about Shiloh’s latest quirk, saying that she only wants to be called John.  Or Peter.  Apparently it’s a Peter Pan thing, Brad exlains to intensly happy and attentive Oprah.  

Take a look at the trailer….Oprah just seems a little too excited to be talking to Brad about his family and Shiloh!   

US Magazine is reporting that in an interview to British show GMTV, Angelina admitted that she struggled with breastfeeding twins, Viv and Knox, simultaneously.  She also admits that its much harder than it looks in the books and after three months she stopped, saying that’s as much as she could do.  But Brangelina doesn’t mind the hectic family life saying, “We appreciate how much that keeps us focused on what’s important”.  So is their life really as pretty of a picture as they seem to paint it?!

MINOTAUR!!! available now @ Role Models. by jojobigms
November 16, 2008, 10:23 pm
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So, her it is is folks, another bad ass movie where the menace to society proves to be a good role model in the end helping no one but him/her self. This could be the next best thing after Big Daddy which was tremendous hit with the laughter and sympathy.


The basic plot is amazing because it moves away from the crazy wild adventures of the lead actors playing together to a more rough start that soon turns into a companionship. For those of you who don’t live around Lethbridge, there is a “group” of individuals who consider themselves knights, Kings, Queens and so on. It is most definetly the most interesting thing I have ever seen which is also what makes it funnier because that exact same social group is depicted in the movie to show the “funny” side as opposed to the serious one the “others” see

Check it out for yourself, this movies is an absolute must see for a good laugh and a great check into reality showing how sometimes adults are not the teacher but rather the students, and it’s hard to admit your wrong  but when the cat is out of the bag, you go all out.

Stephanie Tanner Tells All by noyoufalled

Who ever thought that little Stephanie Tanner would grow up to be a meth addict? Sure, there’s no doubt that there was some severe middle-child syndrome happening, especially when those little Olsen twins got to speaking age and stole the spotlight, but drugs? Oh Stephanie…

[via ABC]

Well now Stephanie, or more accurately Jodie Sweetin, the actress who portrayed her, is writing a tell all book about her struggles with drug addiction. All grown up and ready to share her story, Sweetin’s memoir is reportedly set to chronicle her 4 year battle with alcohol and crystal meth addiction. Sweetin has signed with publishers Simon & Schuster in a reported six-figure deal.

[via popcrunch]

While the memoir is being portrayed solely as the story of Sweetin’s double-life as a child star/addict, you have to wonder what other juicy details are in that book that helped it along to a six-figure deal. I’m not trying to downplay the importance of recording a struggle with addiction that may help others and shed some light on the unfortunate turn of events, but Sweetin hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight since Full House went off the air in the mid-nineties.

Maybe Sweetin’s book will offer a little behind the scenes gossip from one of the early nineties biggest TV hits? Perhaps Sweetin’s addictions were fueled by those around her? Like Dave “Uncle Joey” Coulier, who dated an underage Alanis Morissette while starring on the show. Just try and tell me that Mr. Duplicity didn’t have at least a little to do with Sweetin’s turn to the bottle. Or maybe it was the realization that she would never begin to reach the superstar level that her younger co-stars would? It has to be a little disheartening to realize that had you been just a few years younger and just a little blonder you may today be a billionaire.

Just whatever it was that sparked Sweetin’s turn from a little girl running around shouting “How rude!” to a hardcore drug addict, her memoir is sure to be an interesting read.

The Bad (Golden) Eggs by tweegnlb

What is it about cartoons that start with “S” ?

Two modest little shows: Simpson’s and South Park, who knew?

They both began as the bad guys of adult cartoon entertainment. They were the scapegoats for what was ‘wrong with television’ (if not our social moral fabric) in the 1990’s.  The Simpson’s glorified the bad behavior of a spiky headed 4th grader, and the hands off parenting style of his drunken buffoon of a father.  South Park was just 4 children with potty mouths, swearing for attention.

It was shameful and offensive, and we loved it!


Both shows have earned respect in their own ways: The Simpson’s for its longevity and multilayer ed comedic genius, and the way they changed the face of television, breaking through the crap so other shows, like South Park, could even have a chance.

In the beginning, viewers saw South Park as a show that relied on shock value for laughs.  But eventually people caught on to what they really were: the no bullshit kings of popular culture and social commentary.

South Park must be respected for its unbiased position on truth.  Whether they’re commenting on homelessness, politics or religion, South Parks creators pull no punches – its a no holds barred mentality that has worked greatly to the shows advantage.

South Park has shown that they even hold themselves and their staff to this all or nothing mentality, in their choice to kill off longtime character Chef (aka Isaac Hayes) in a very unflattering manner, after Hayes publicly voiced his disappointment at the show for making fun of his beloved Scientology.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker responded by saying their is no line that cannot be crossed and that they could not continue the show if they gave in when people were upset by being singled out.

Recently, South Park was honored with the distinguished Peabody Award for their commitment to unbiased social commentary and the unbelievably current production of story lines and episodes (often produced 3 or 4 days after a topic hits news venues).  A very prestigious award not usually given to cartoon types.

No one can argue that these shows have a huge and ongoing effect on our popular culture and entertainment values.  i for one cannot go a single day without quoting a line that fits perfectly into a situation, or smiling when someone shows just how silly we can be.

The Simpsons was recently picked up for 3 more seasons on Fox, and the creators of South Park have said that as long as there are things to make fun of, they’ll keep making new episodes.

Enjoy them both while they last!