Poor Little Suri-cicle by noyoufalled

A new designer dress for every paparazzi pic, but no time to throw a coat on the kid?

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Suri Cruise, Hollywood’s Hottest Toddler, is freezing. Fine, the kid refuses to wear pants (it’s apparently impossible to dress a 2 year old), but doesn’t a line have to be drawn somewhere? This is ridiculous! Mom Katie Holmes is photographed in New York City weather appropriate gear, but little Suri is still sporting her short sleeve dresses! Yes, we get it, your kid is adorable and you can afford $2000 sundresses, but please spring for a matching jacket!

Temperatures in NYC have been hovering around 5 degrees celsius this past week, which isn’t exactly sundress and leggings weather, especially for a toddler! And yet we see pictures like this, taken earlier this week:

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An umbrella does not equal warmth, Mrs. Crazy Couch Jumper! We know you’ve been brainwashed, but show some compassion and keep your kid from turning into a snowman!


Free Katie Holmes! Free Katie Holmes! by noyoufalled
September 19, 2008, 10:57 am
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Katie Holmes just can’t catch a break. Her last film, Mad Money, received poor reviews, she appears to have severed ties with former best friend and hairstyle icon Victoria Beckham, and now her Broadway debut is being protested.

Protesters gathered outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre Thursday night, in what OK! Magazine reports was their way of “… just showing her support pretty much.” Holmes has been receiving similar “support” since her 2006 marriage to Scientologist-extraordinaire Tom Cruise, whom many of Holmes’ more vocal fans suggest is holding her hostage inside his Xenu-worshipping vault. Cruise entered the theatre to applause as he took in his wife’s first showing of All My Sons.

Despite the protest outside, Holmes reportedly put on a good show – at final curtain Holmes and cast received a standing ovation. But just how good was Holmes’ performance? Maybe the audience was just afraid of shunning a poor performance and upsetting Holmes’ crazier-half, the couch-jumping Cruise?

[Via OK! Magazine, IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay.com, YouTube]