See, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things… by tweegnlb

This is a sad, sad time to be a Canadian.

I really thought we were above crap like this.

Last week a new fad struck the nation, one where seemingly intelligent individuals took it upon themselves to fall in line with the stupidity of the group and celebrate national “Kick a Ginger Day”.

(please see this URL for a Calgary news clip)


I have two problems with this development.  First, obviously, is the blatant stupidity of those who participated, and the pain or embarrassment that they caused their red headed peers.  Second is the fact that in their defense, these idiots are trying to pin their crimes on an episode of the cartoon South Park, which aired last year.


The idea was popularized via a Face Book page of the same name, started by a youth in Vancouver.  Those involved in altercations over the ‘holiday’ are currently being investigated and some may even result in criminal charges being laid for committing a ‘hate crime’.

Now common people, are we really this stupid?

At one point, the writters of South Park made an episode in which Erik Cartman tried to trick the townspeople into reviving the Nazi movement to remove all the Jewish people from South Park.  So does this mean we are now allowed to blame Neo-Nazism on the behavior of a few cartoon characters?  I mean really!  This material is from a show that prides itself on social satire and showing the ridiculous side of human behavior.  Stupid, just stupid…

Now this prompts me to ask you all a question one of my teachers posed the other day:  ‘In situations like this, should we blame the influence of a movie or television show or should individuals be responsable for how they respond?’  To me the answer seems pretty obvious, but im open to discussion so please feel free to comment.


Nostalgia, It Just Keeps Coming Back Again and Again by tweegnlb

Sure it started as a sickness.  Young soldiers had a yearning to go back home, back to a past they longed to relive, but today it captures our attention and our dollars, and we cannot seem to get enough of it!

We have all at one time or another seen an image or felt a feeling that instantly took us back to better days in our childhoods, sometimes even a smell can do the trick.

And today, a large portion of our popular culture and entertainment aims to do just that.  One of the major influences of this phenomenon is the fact that Gen-Xers and early Millennial s are taking up the reins of large corporations and production companies.  These companies are now remaking and re marketing the television shows, movies and toys of our youth and we have taken it all and demanded more!

One key player in the new market of old memories is actor Seth Green who, along with the geniuses at the magazine Twisted Toyfare, have come up with the highly popular pop culture parody TV show Robot Chicken.


The show is genius in its simplicity: take comic book superheros, toys and other pop culture phenomenons and put them in adult situations.  The scripts almost write themselves, and the audience is already highly invested in the characters, so the humor flows freely.

Individuals who still have their old toys can have lots of fun taking them out and actually playing around with them again, and trust me it can be hilarious!


Incidentally, the common ‘Stick’ was recently admitted into the National Toy Hall of Fame( via The Circuit on Space Channel ) for its unending ability to become a sword or almost any other item one can conceive of in the blink of an eye!

Here are a couple neat sites for nostalgia buffs just in case you’re interested:



All in all, i think we have shown ourselves that nostalgia is a sickness we can live with : )

HE.DID.IT. OBAMA WINS! by hyphenator

And the winner is OBAMA!!!!

After months and months of campaigning, finally it all has come to an end!  CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has been elected as the new President of the USA.  This makes Barack Obama the United States’ first African American President ever!  This election, like most elections, definitely has some interesting events and moments that we will laugh at for a while!!

Joe the Plumber became hugely popular after asking Obama about tax increases in relation to a plumbing business he was interested in buying at a rally.  Joe Wurzelbacher, gained the nickname Joe the Plumber, went on to symbolize the working middle class in the Untied States.  McCain tried to utlize Joe as an example of how Obama’s tax changes would hurt him and others who earned more than $250,000.  I guess McCain’s strategy didn’t work so well, when McCain was apparently missinformed as to whether or not Joe the Plumber was attending the rally that day or not…..”Where’s Joe?”

Even before Joe the Plumber emerged from middle class America, Sara Palin, the Vice-President hopeful, coined the term “Joe Six Pack” as the typical American citizen!  For real!

CNN‘s Jack Cafferty went as far as to question Palin’s qualifications to be the next Vice President.  Cafferty said:

“If John McCain wins, this women will be one 72 year-old’s heartbeat away from being President of the United States.  And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should!”

It just keeps getting better.  Check out how Palin’s responded, in an interview done with Katie Couric, when Couric inquired about the bailout plan.

The ongoing political slogging back and forth made for great TV!  Tina Fey made multiple guest appearances on SNL as Sarah Palin.  And SNL’s Fred Armisen was hilarious as Sen. Barack Obama!

So….FINALLY…the 44th US President is Barack Obama!  I wonder if this means anything will change?  We will see!  Bye Bye Bush and his Republicans!!!!